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government to make it clear that there has been
no sacrifice of revolutionary principle. That
witnesses to the vitality of public opinion in
Russia. "The clash between the teachings of
1920 and 1940 may have a liberating effect on
many people's minds. Russians love to talk
about ide-is. Under the Czar they talked. It is
incredible* that they do not talk under Stalin.
That question whether collectivisation is to be
cc Westernised " or cc Easternised ", using these
words under the caveat of the previous paragraph,
is really the first issue before the world to-day.
We need a fully ventilated Revolution. Our
Revolution has to go on in the light and air.
We may have to accept sovietisation a la Russe
quite soon unless we can produce a better
collectivisation. But if we produce a better
collectivisation it is more probable than not that
the Russian system will incorporate our improve-
ments, forget its reviving nationalism again,
debunk Marx and Stalin, so far as they can be
debunked, and merge into the one world state.
Between these primary antagonists, between
Revolution with its eyes open and Revolution
with a mask and a gag, there will certainly be
complications of the issue due to patriotism and
bigotry and the unteachable wilful blindness
of those who do not want to see. Most people